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How do I close my account?

Closing Website Account Completely

You can close your account by logging into the Site Manager and selecting the Deactivate/Close Account link under "Account Details". Only those with no active PayPal subscriptions can close the account through the Site Manager.

If you have an active PayPal subscription, you can login to PayPal and cancel the subscription first and then return to the Site Manager and close the account. This is because closing the website account does not automatically cancel the PayPal subscription.

Cancelling PayPal Subscription Only

If you would like to cancel your PayPal subscription but keep the website active simply do the following:

  • 1. Log In to your PayPal account
  • 2. Click on the History tab
  • 3. Click on the Details of the subscription in question
  • 4. Click Cancel Subscription

If you cancel the subscription, this will downgrade the web space to a Free Account status with 1MB. Everything else will remain the same and you will not lose any information (photos, journal entries, etc) that is currently on the site.