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Why does it show I am using 100% of my videos?

Even though you may not have uploaded any videos, you still may see that a percentage is being used. The following explains how photos and videos are counted separately.

Photo Uploads

Photos are counted as a single upload and not as a certain amount of space that is taken up.

Each photo that is uploaded to your album or added on a journal entry will be counted individually against your overall total limit.

Uploads include photos from albums and journal entries

Video Uploads

Videos are counted in Megabytes (MB) because we cannot compress videos like we can with photos. You can upload as many videos as the web space allows.

The filesize of the uploaded photos are counted against the web space available for videos. Even though we count photos on a per-item basis, they take up space, so we must count that space.

The more photos you upload, the less space you will have available for your videos. We feel this will benefit you by having a count limit on the photos and a MB limit on the videos where you can upload more photos.

Used space includes filesize of photos that have been uploaded