Baby Website Features

Whether you have a free website or have purchased additional storage space, all of our features are included with all of our designs.

  • User-friendly Site ManagerUser-friendly Site Manager

    With a simple interface, you can upload photos, videos, sort them and modify all your content with ease.

  • Choice of Website AddressChoice of Website Address

    You will receive your address in the form of

  • Assortment of DesignsCustom Designs

    Every member has access to ALL designs. There are no "standard" and "premium" versions like other sites. To view our designs, click here.

  • VideosVideos

    Upload videos to your site or link to another site (i.e. YouTube, Photobucket). Simply select your file and upload it or add the url to an external site to pull in the video.

  • Photos and AlbumsPhotos and Albums

    There is no limit to the number of photo albums you can have! With the average photo that is uploaded, it is possible to store over 200 photos with 20MB of space! Our easy uploader makes adding dozens of photos at once a breeze!


    Allow guests to RSVP through your website. Setup is easy and customize when to start and stop allowing guests to RSVP. Printable guest list in PDF format.

  • Easy SortingEasy Sorting

    Drag and drop sorting on photo albums, photos, journal entries, milestones and more to give you complete control over the order of your content.

  • SlideshowSlideshow

    Each photo album that you add comes with a slideshow so visitors don't have to click every single photo to view it.

  • Social NetworkingSocial Networking

    Stay connected with friends and family even easier with social networking through medias such as Facebook and Twitter!

  • Gift RegistryGift Registry

    Select or enter the place where you are registered and we automatically display the logo (if available) along with the store link to your registry!

  • NewsletterNewsletter

    Create, save and send a newsletter to selected email addresses or to yourself for testing!

  • Polls and QuizzesPolls and Quizzes

    Create a poll or quiz for visitors to interact with. After voting, the visitor will see the results and the answer to the quiz or results from the poll. Add an unlimited number of quizzes and polls and activate/deactivate them at any time.

  • Contact FormContact Form

    Visitors can send you an email through your website quickly and easily. Email address are not displayed which helps with privacy issues.

  • Password ProtectionPassword Protection

    All websites have the option to password protect their website. You can enter an unlimited number of users that can access your site by setting dedicated usernames and passwords.

  • No Banner Ads or PopupsNo Banner Ads or Popups

    We have strong feelings about this. We frown on websites that resort to this method of advertising to increase rankings and traffic. We feel that if our service is good, word of mouth will be our best marketing tool. Banners and pop-ups are a distraction and leads to frustration and tackiness. You will NEVER see a banner ad or popup on your site. It is your site. Period.

  • 24/7 Technical Support24/7 Technical Support

    If you ever have a question or a problem about your website or an inquiry about your account, please let us know. You can always contact us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.